皇冠体育在线认识到,将企业恢复到新冠疫情前的水平需要时间. 随着皇冠体育在线找到新常态,这也将涉及新的工作方式. 因为这个原因, 皇冠体育在线 is committed to providing the flexibility that companies need to restart operations whilst still managing their waste in an environmentally sustainable and cost-effective manner. 

同时,所有企业都应遵守当地和行业的特定要求和建议, there are certain fundamentals that should feature in any organisation’s planning for a safe return to work and then on an ongoing basis.

COVID-19健康与安全政策 | 最新消息 | 皇冠体育在线

COVID-19业务解决方案 helping 企业 across a range of sectors return to work safely as the lockdown measures are eased;

A full risk assessment should be carried out for all workplaces and facilities that have been closed for an extended period of time. This must address the specific risks associated with COVID-19 as well as general health and wellbeing.

除了社交距离建议之外,这很重要, workplaces and common spaces are deep cleaned prior to people returning and that enhanced cleaning should happen regularly to help prevent further outbreaks occurring.

There should be frequent cleaning of objects and surfaces that are touched regularly such as keyboards, 控制面板, 门把手和工具. 除洗手间外,应在多个地点提供洗手液. Increased provision of waste facilities and more frequent waste collection services are also recommended. 对于某些特定的废物流,可能还需要更专业的废物处理服务,例如 个人防护装备和其他COVID-19废物.

如果有COVID-19疑似病例, surfaces potentially infected by a symptomatic person must be cleaned and disinfected using either a combined detergent disinfectant solution at a dilution of 1,000 parts per million available chlorine or a ‘household’ detergent followed by separate disinfectant (1000 ppm

ECOSAN消毒剂 | 手消毒 | 个人防护用品和COVID-19废物 | 皇冠体育在线

皇冠体育在线 is focused on ensuring its customers have the products they require at the time and place they need them. 这是由其高度灵活的制造过程和供应链物流支持.

皇冠体育在线的高品质酒精消毒剂和 ECOSAN 消毒产品适用于包括学校在内的各种用户, 企业, 航空公司, 当地政府, 设施经理和清洁公司. 皇冠体育在线 also provides products direct to end users and works with some of the UK and Ireland’s best-known brands.  

皇冠体育在线的市场领先消毒剂- ECOSAN - Vantocil - is a fast-acting bactericide and virucide and is a 20% aqueous solution of poly (hexamethylene biguanide) hydrochloride, 也被称为PHMB. 死亡人数超过99人.9%的细菌,包括COVID-19病毒. ECOSAN is immediately available for supply and delivery across the UK and Ireland in 1000 litre IBC’s or in ready to use 20 litre drums. 

皇冠体育在线的乙醇作为动力 手消毒 product contains 80% alcohol content and additional compounds to prevent drying of the skin. 这是供应准备使用1000升的中型散货箱,没有最低订购量.

UV-C和AFT消毒/去污溶液 在解决这些重大挑战方面发挥着越来越大的作用吗. 这项技术在全球范围内使用,可以摧毁99个以上.99%的病原体都能在几秒钟内感染, 不添加化学物质, 没有有害副作用, 便宜, 高效可靠.

如果需要,皇冠体育在线也可以提供全套的交钥匙 消毒服务. This service includes provision of fully trained personnel and the equipment needed to undertake internal or external largescale disinfection work on either a one-off or contracted basis.

ECOSAN消毒剂 | 手消毒 | 消毒服务 | UV-C和AFT溶液 | 摩天观景轮 | 皇冠体育在线

如有需要,皇冠体育在线还可以提供全套的消毒服务. This service includes provision of fully trained personnel and the equipment needed to undertake internal or external largescale disinfection work on either a one-off or contracted basis.

皇冠体育在线的工业消毒服务使用移动喷雾设备和皇冠体育在线的 ECOSAN disinfectant product to sanitise large workspaces or travel environments such as: public transport, 办公室, 工厂, 商店 & 零售店,呼叫中心,学校,公共建筑,车辆 & 车辆驾驶室、飞机等难以到达的区域.

商业 disinfection can be deployed as a one-off service prior to people returning to work or on a regular basis in high transit environments such as public transport or 航空公司.

皇冠体育在线还可提供全面管理的街道消毒服务. Disinfecting streets and other public areas kills the COVID-19 virus when present on surfaces. 这减少了感染的机会,并打破了任何现有的感染链. 

UV-C和AFT消毒/去污溶液 在解决这些重大挑战方面发挥着越来越大的作用吗. 这项技术在全球范围内使用,可以摧毁99个以上.99%的病原体都能在几秒钟内感染, 不添加化学物质, 没有有害副作用, 便宜, 高效可靠.

Large scale disinfection also reassures residents and business owners that every effort is being taken to protect themselves and their communities.

ECOSAN消毒剂 | 手消毒| 消毒服务 | UV-C和AFT溶液 | 摩天观景轮 | 皇冠体育在线

Increasing the frequency of waste collection services plays an important role in keeping workspaces clean and safe.  除了一般的垃圾回收服务外, 皇冠体育在线还能够为安全可靠的收集提供解决方案, 运输和处理可能被COVID-19污染的材料. 所有废物将由有许可证和受管制的设施处理.

Some of the ways we are able to help ensure our customers adhere to Government advice, whilst p提供重新启动操作所需的灵活性 包括:  

  • Review of onsite waste facilities to ensure there is ample capacity and waste levels are kept to a minimum 
  • Optimise collection schedules to control costs and ensure waste is regularly removed from site and does not build up  
  • Provide specialist waste services for PPE or waste that may have potentially been contaminated by COVID-19 

有关皇冠体育在线如何支持您的企业重新开业的更多信息,请参阅 皇冠体育在线 讨论.

ECOSAN消毒剂 | 手消毒 | 消毒服务 | 个人防护装备和污染废物 | 皇冠体育在线

皇冠体育在线提供了广泛的跳跃,以适应所有类型的项目. 从一个家庭住宅装修, garage or garden clearance to a large nationwide multi site construction project we can provided skips and containers to cater for all types of customers. 您需要的跳过的大小将取决于正在执行的工作类型.

Skips can be quoted and ordered securely online via our website at any time day using our delivery post code checker. 如有需要,也可在网站上安排许可证.

跳过雇佣在线报价 | COVID-19跳过雇佣

皇冠体育在线已经捐赠了24个,000, 向爱尔兰的养老院赠送一瓶250毫升的洗手液, 该公司继续在抗击Covid-19的战斗中发挥作用. 应对广泛报道的洗手液短缺, 皇冠体育在线的团队意识到,皇冠体育在线也许能够利用现有的供应链来帮助客户, 该公司迅速行动,使之成为现实.

Care and nursing homes in the vicinity of 皇冠体育在线’s 8 facilities across the island of Ireland were contacted by 皇冠体育在线 with the stock distributed free of charge to those who needed it.

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UV technology makes use of the bactericidal effect of UV-C light in the form of UV-C disinfection and Active Field Technology (AFT). 这项技术在全球范围内使用,可以摧毁99个以上.99%的病原体都能在几秒钟内感染, 不添加化学物质, 没有有害副作用, 便宜, 高效可靠.

Air and surface disinfection systems are deployed where there is a risk of contamination by airborne micro-organisms such as viruses, 细菌和真菌. 随着新冠肺炎大流行的爆发, UV-C和AFT产品 在解决这些重大挑战方面发挥着越来越大的作用吗.

UV-C和AFT技术是多才多艺的,有许多跨部门的应用,请 皇冠体育在线 讨论需求. 阅读更多.

皇冠体育在线 | 请求一个咨询 | UV-C和AFT溶液

正在利用大规模人口和社区检测来帮助减少Covid-19的传播, 产生大量横向流量测试组件的浪费. If you operate a site that is currently undertaking mass testing for Covid-19 is it essential that you have the correct waste disposal procedures in place.

皇冠体育在线可以用安全的收集来支持企业, 运输和处理这种特殊的废物流, 确保您完全符合所有规定.

废物在收集之前必须按照规定进行分类, 皇冠体育在线 is on hand to provide support to ensure the correct receptacles and processes are in place for this type of waste.

皇冠体育在线 | 请求报价 | 横向流动试验废物处理




增强的网站体验, 用于营销目的的地理位置和搜索活动数据, 个性化的广告和内容, AD和内容测量, 受众洞察和产品开发. 促进这, we actively scan device characteristics for identification and store and/or access information on a device. 如需更多资料,请参阅皇冠体育在线的 饼干的政策 或联系